De Carlo
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Yan Pei-Ming
Published in 2014
Published by Anew Publishing Group
Printed by Nava Milano spa
96 pages
© MDC S.p.A.

Berlin-Los Angeles
A Tale of Two (Other) Cities
Catalogue Published in November 2009
Graphic project Studio Mousse
Printing Galli Thierry Stampa, Milan
77 pages
© Mousse Publishing

Cerizza, Luca. ''Non ci credo! Lo scetticismo di Simone Berti, Stefania Galegati, Italo Zuffi'', Tema Celeste, n. 83, gennaio-febbraio 2001, pp. 66-69.
O Like O in Portrait Catalogue
Published in March 2006
Graphic project Studio FM - Milan
Print by Arti Grafiche Meroni, Lissone
140 pages
© MDC S.r.l.

Giovan Battista Salerno
Basilea, marzo 1978, e nel solstizio d’estate del 2003 Published in 2008
Graphic project Jason Dodge
Print by Europrint medien GmbH, Germany
172 pages
© MDC S.r.l.

Jim Shaw
Catalogue Published in March 2007
Graphic project Grafica studio FM - Milan
Print by Arti Grafiche Meroni, Lissone
© MDC S.r.l.

New York: Directions, Points of Interest
Catalogue Published in January 2012
Graphic project Studio Mousse
Printing Artigianelli, Brescia
80 pages
© Mousse Publishing

Piotr Uklanski | Zimna Wojna
Catalogue Published in November 2004
Graphic project R.A.D.L.&. - Milan
Print by Nava Press, Milan
41 pages
© MDC S.r.l.

Roberto Cuoghi
DO A DAKIS Published in 2007
© Roberto Cuoghi
© Galleria Massimo De Carlo

Urs Fisher | Rudolf Stingel
Catalogue Published in 2007
Graphic project Scipio Schneider
Print by Uhl, Radofzell, Germany
37 pages
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