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— Andrea Zittel

March 31 — October 13, 2019

The exhibition will explore ideas of connections across time, how locations have multiple uses through time and multiple meanings, what endures and what disappears. The idea for Palimpsest came from the richly layered history of Lismore itself, and the verdant nature that surrounds it.


— Carsten Höller

March 29 — June 30, 2019

For the first time in Mexico, the Tamayo Museum presents a solo exhibition by Carsten Höller. Sunday focuses on two main arguments: decision-making and perception through the idea of hallucinations.


— Rudolf Stingel

March 24 — December 15, 2019

Punta della Dogana presents the exhibition ‘Luogo e Segni’, curated by Martin Bethenod, Director of Palazzo Grassi – Punta della Dogana, and Mouna Mekouar, independent curator. The show brings together over one hundred works, by thirtysix artists, that establish a particular relationship with their urban, social, political, historical, intellectual setting.


— Liu Xiaodong, Yan Pei-Ming

March 23 — August 24, 2019

TANK Shanghai will showcase a group exhibition of 13 Chinese artists called “Under Construction” as part of the opening program. The exhibition’s themes are “partial, experimental, and imperfect” and will include works from Zhang Xiaogang, Xu Zhen, Zeng Fanzhi and more.


— Matt Mullican

March 23 — June 08, 2019

Since 1970 Matt Mullican has been interested in models to explain the world, developing a complex system of symbols, pictograms and colors that works as a means to understand the very structure of the world.


— Liu Xiaodong

March 21 — June 10, 2019

Louisiana’s exhibition is the result of the impressions Liu Xiaodong took home with him after a journey to Greenland in 2017. In Uummannaq he met local residents and not least the children from a orphanage – the world’s northernmost. The exhibition UUMMANNAQ, installed in the museum’s Column Gallery, shows around 12 paintings, 18 ink drawings and a few entries from the artist’s diary.