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— Carsten Höller, Paola Pivi

November 03 — January 14, 2017

The wide-ranging survey exhibition Like a Moth to a Flame, curated by Tom Eccles and Mark Rappolt with Liam Gillick, will officially inaugurate the Visual Arts Program at the renovated OGR in Turin. The show will explore the eternal compulsion to produce and to collect works of art, displaying “objects” ranging from a 2nd century BCE Egyptian sculpture to works created for the last Venice Biennale, drawn together from Turin’s most prominent collections of art and antiquities. The exhibition title derives from the answer to a riddle—In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni—attributed to Virgil, which is also the title of two artworks—one by French theorist Guy Debord and one by British artist Cerith Wyn Evans—that are included in the exhibition.


— Gianfranco Baruchello, Maurizio Cattelan, Carsten Höller, Lawrence Weiner

November 01 — January 14, 2018

“Take Me (I’m Yours)” is a group exhibition that rewrites the rulebook for experiencing a work of art. Visitors to the show are invited to flout convention and do all the things they aren’t normally allowed to do in a museum: the works can be touched, used, or changed; they can be consumed or worn; purchased and even taken free of charge, or carried off in exchange for some personal item. The exhibition is also a project that continues to evolve and be transformed.


— Diego Perrone, Maurizio Cattelan

October 24 — December 17, 2017

The Palazzo del Quirinale in Rome hosts contemporary art for the first time: Da io a noi: La Città Senza Confini, curated by Anna Mattirolo.


— Mathew Monahan, Andra Ursuţa, John Armleder, Caleb Considine, Roland Flexner

October 23 — October 23, 2017

The exhibition The Trick Brain assembles the work of over 60 artists and more than 240 pieces from the Tony and Elham Salamé Collection. It is the third exhibition in a series of presentations of the Tony and Elham Salamé Collection at their recently opened Aïshti Foundation in Beirut, designed by David Adjaye. The Trick Brain premieres some of the most recent acquisitions in the collection, highlighting similarities and contrasts among a group of multigenerational artists whose work reflects a fascination with the cacophonous, collaged experience of life in the digital age.


— Gelitin

October 20 — February 26, 2018

“Slight Agitation”, a four-part project of newly commissioned, site-specific works hosted in sequence within the Cisterna in the Milan venue of Fondazione, continues with a third instalment by the Austrian collective Gelitin presenting a project titled POKALYPSEA-APOKALYPSE-OKALYPSEAP. Three large sculptures explicitly address classical architectural archetypes (the triumphal arch, the obelisk and the amphitheater), subverting their rhetoric and monumental components. Symbols as much as structures conceived for everyday inhabitation, these sculptures draw an arc from the insular and individual to the open-ended and collective, from the overtly erotic to the sublimated joy of togetherness.


— Tony Lewis

October 15 — June 10, 2018

Chicago-based artist Tony Lewis (b. 1986) will create a new, site-specific drawing for the outward-facing wall of the Rose Art Museum's Lois Foster Wing, extending his ongoing investigations of the relationships between drawing, abstraction, and language. As the museum's 2017-2018 Ruth Ann and Nathan Perlmutter Artist-in-Residence, Lewis will make this mural—the artist’s first solo museum presentation in the Northeast—with the help of Brandeis University students.